I'm Sou from Tunisia (*゜▽゜ノ゛☆
I'm 18 and i was born 18/11/95 ~!
I'm just a girl with dozens of dreams and stories (ノω・、)
♡I'm a Scorpio girl♡

June 30 2014, 4am ...3 weeks ago

After midnight

At this time of the day all that comes to my head is our old golden friendship that we couldn’t keep for so long.
The sleepless nights that i’ve spent waiting for you to show up and ending up writing a song, taking some photographs, watching an anime, counting stars, waiting for the sunshine and learning your language because you were never there whenever i needed you and because after all you were my best friend, the one i never wanted to lose, and the one i let go of.
Today again i think of all those bad yet wonderful moments i spent alone believing that you are still there for me as a friend, somewhere else in this world, and it really beats me, do you sometimes think of me as well?
Either way, i don’t want to ever end these feelings because only when i think of you i can feel alive.

And that’s why i believe that i shouldn’t have made any friends..